Biomass Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will biomass work with my current system? - Answer


Q. Do I need a huge space to accommodate a biomass boiler? - Answer


Q. Is a biomass boiler messy? - Answer


Q. Will there be lots of cleaning and maintenance with a biomass boiler? - Answer


Q. How much does biomass fuel cost in comparison to oil or lpg? - Answer


Q. Can a biomass boiler work fully automatically? - Answer


Q. Will I save money by using biomass? - Answer


Q. Why is the government giving away money through the RHI? - Answer


Q. Are there different types of biomass fuel? - Answer


Q. Can I use an existing chimney at my property for a biomass boiler? - Answer


Q. My house is listed, can I use biomass? - Answer

Q. My house has a thatched roof, can I install biomass? - Answer


Q. Can we visit one of your existing customers to see a working biomass boiler? - Answer


Q. Can I integrate solar thermal with a biomass system? - Answer


Q. Where will I store the fuel? - Answer


Q. Will the installation of a biomass boiler be a huge upheaval? - Answer


Q. What kind of support will you provide with my RHI application? - Answer


Q. Can a biomass boiler supply hot water in the summer as well as heating and hot water in the winter? - Answer


Q. Why is it important to use an MCS Accredited company to install my biomass boiler? - Answer


Q. Where can I buy fuel? - Answer


Q. How do I dispose of the ash which is produced? - Answer


Q. My existing boiler is a combi boiler, can I still have biomass? - Answer


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