The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Calculator

Two Windhager boilers in a commercial installation in Castle Combe


Commercial Biomass is slightly different from domestic biomass, in that heat use is metred and your payments from the Government are based on actual heat used and not a deemed figure, as in the case of a domestic biomass installation. Therefore, it would be difficult to illustrate figures for a commercial project on an RHI calculator. In order to calculate your RHI cash-back figure, we would need to take into account several factors, including: the size of your current boiler, your heat use (a Nursing Home, for example, would have a greater heat demand than, say, a corner shop) and your current fuel usage (which we can usually see from a few recent fuel bills). A simple survey of your business premises can easily determine all of this information - give us a call to organise a FREE site visit, when we will be happy to calculate this for you.


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