What is Biomass?

The dictionary defines the word biomass as meaning "biological material derived from living or recently living organisms". In the context of a commercial heating source, this usually means wood. 

At Wessex Biomass, we sell and instal wood pellet boilers. The reason that we concentrate on these types of boilers is because wood pellets are clean, easy to store and have a high calorific value - so lots of energy from such a little and insignificant looking pellet!

Boilers can be fitted with hoppers holding several tons of pellets, enabling you to capitalise on discounts for bulk fuel purchases, whilst saving you time and effort with minimal user intervention.

The term commercial or non-domestic biomass unsurprisingly describes biomass used in a commercial setting. Typically at your place of business however, it also includes two or more buildings, rated separately for council tax purposes, heated by a single installation via a heat network, known as a District Heating Scheme. This could encompass a variety of otherwise domestic scenarios, for example, 'granny annexes', holiday cottages, home office etc. As long as the buildings are rated separately for Council Tax, then the installation can be deemed to fall into the non-domestic category for RHI purposes and reap the benefits of this lucrative 20 year government incentive.

Benefits of Using Biomass Boilers and Fuel

The Benefits of Using Biomass Boilers and Fuel

What are Wood Pellets?

Biomass Fuel PelletsWood Pellets are small (typically 6mm in diameter by 15mm long) and resemble pony nuts. They are made from processed sawdust and wood chips that have been dried, heated and compressed. When heated and exposed to high pressure, the binding component in wood (lignin) allows the wood product to be shaped and pressed into a pellet. 

Wood pellets are clean, easy to store and have a high calorific value, so although small in size, they are big in energy.

Wood Pellet boilers come in all shapes and sizes, with options for every commercial setting; from huge warehouses and hotels to small office spaces. The one thing that they do have in common is that they all benefit from the generous and profitable 20 year government Renewable Heat Incentive.

We are always happy to help and advise on fuel - just give us a call!

Delivering Biomass Fuel Pellets

Delivering Biomass Fuel Pellets


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