Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers come in all shapes and sizes

A wide range of Biomass Boiler styles

Biomass wood pellet boilers are efficient, environmentally friendly, simple to use and maintain and extremely flexible. They are easy to instal with minimal disruption and can be integrated into most existing systems. With their automated control systems, biomass wood pellet boilers can be programmed to provide all the heat and hot water your home requires, exactly when it is needed. In fact, most of our clients find that biomass boilers are every bit as convenient and user friendly as an oil boiler.

A wide range of Biomass Boiler styles

Modern log (or wood gasification) boilers provide clean and efficient heating and, if you have access to a plentiful supply of suitable wood, can be one of the most cost effective means of providing heating and hot water. Log boilers are suitable for most domestic sized situations and for smaller commercial applications too, such as country houses and small industrial buildings. It is crucial that a log boiler be sized correctly, to ensure that not only does it provide sufficient heat and hot water for its application but, also to negate the need for unnecessary loading, igniting, batch burning and general user intervention. Correct sizing is also important because log boilers operate at a higher efficiency when running at full load.

There is a biomass boiler for every home situation; from a living flame boiler designed to be seen and enjoyed in a living room or kitchen diner; to a utility boiler for an outbuilding or garage. They can be fitted with a hopper, designed to store a month's worth of pellets or more or, be hand fed with pellet bags. Whatever your choice, situation or budget, there is a biomass boiler designed to accommodate it. Biomass Boilers can be loaded by hand or from a hopper

Biomass Boilers can be loaded by hand or from a hopper

Choosing and installing the Klover Smart 120 wood pellet central heating cooker

Cooking with the Klover Smart 120 wood pellet central heating cooker

Biomass Boilers

We have installed many different makes and models of biomass wood pellet boilers over the years however, two of the manufacturers that we work most closely with are MCZ and WINDHAGER. This is not only because we have found them to be high quality, efficient boilers that represent good value for money but also because between them, they have a boiler to suit every situation; from a small two-bedroomed house right up to a large ten-bedroomed property and beyond, with everything in between.

For further information, take a look at their websites (links below) or browse this site for pictures and videos of boilers in situ, in our clients' homes or, contact us for a chat (we are always happy to talk biomass), request a brochure or ask us to arrange for you to see a working biomass boiler, up close and personal, in one of our clients' homes locally to you.


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