The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Calculator

What is the domestic RHI worth for my house?

A Enter the kWhours
from your EPC here:
Note 1
B This is how much the RHI is worth to you per year. £0.00 Note 2
C This is how much the RHI is worth to you in today's money for the whole 7 years of payments you will receive. £0.00 Note 2
D This is how much the RHI is worth to you in cash terms over the 7 years when index linking is taken into account. £0.00 Note 3


  1. To get this figure you need to look at an Energy Performance Certificate produced after February 2014 for your property that has a section near the end of the document headed “Your homes heat demand”. Under this section add together the two figures in the column “Existing Dwelling” and then take away any figures in brackets under the two columns headed “Impact of loft insulation” and “Impact of cavity wall insulation”. This will give you a net figure that is used by the government to calculate your RHI.
  2. This figure is based on 8.93pence/kWhour, the rate for the domestic RHI as at 1st April 2015.
  3. This is the actual cash amount you would receive when the payments for years 2-7 have an upward inflation index added to them using the government suggested RPI of 1.1% as of February 2015.

What if I do not have an EPC for my house?

You can see if your house has an EPC by going to Form this website you can download your EPC, but do be careful as it may not be of the latest version of the EPC and may not therefore have the kWhours figures described above.

What if the EPC is an old version; or one simply has not been done for my house?

You will need to get one done as there is no other way to be certain what the RHI will be worth to you without an EPC. They are not expensive, it will cost about £50, and you might find as Ed Harrison in Bradford-on-Avon did that he would benefit from almost £60,000 of government cashback! We have relationships with local assessors who produce EPCs, so if you would like a recommendation please do contact us.

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