What is Biomass?

The dictionary defines the word biomass as meaning "biological material derived from living or recently living organisms" but what does this mean in the context of a domestic heating source?

When we speak of biomass for domestic fuel, this usually means wood. Unlike fossil fuels, wood biomass can be harvested sustainably as part of a constantly replenishing cycle; where new trees are planted, as old ones are harvested for fuel. Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere (CO2) during their lifetime and give out oxygen. When they are harvested and used for fuel, they release only the same amount of CO2 as they absorbed during their life and, for this reason, they are described as being carbon neutral. At Wessex we enjoy close relationships with several fuel suppliers, whose biomass wood pellets are locally sourced, this ensures that the carbon footprint of your biomass heating system is as small as feasibly possible, which is good news for you and great news for the environment.

Benefits of Using Biomass Boilers and Fuel

The Benefits of Using Biomass Boilers and Fuel

What are Wood Pellets?

Biomass Fuel Pellets Wood pellets are small (typically 6mm in diameter by 15mm long) and resemble pony nuts. They are made from processed sawdust and wood chips that have been dried, heated and compressed. When heated and exposed to high pressure, lignin, the binding component in wood, softens and allows the wood product to be shaped and pressed into a pellet.

Here at Wessex Biomass we work mostly with wood pellet boilers; the reason for this is because they are clean, the fuel itself is less bulky to store and handle, they are easy to source and have a high calorific value - so lots of energy from such a small and insignificant looking pellet!

Boilers can be hand fed or fully automated; they can come with or without a pellet store and there are also self-cleaning options if desired. There are biomass boilers designed to be seen, with their sleek Italian styling and utility models for an outbuilding or garage setting. The age old science of combustion, from our ancestral past, has evolved to become as flexible and user friendly as our 21st century needs demand.

We are always happy to help and advise regarding fuel, just give us a call.

Loading Biomass Fuel Pellets into a Biomass Boiler

Loading Biomass Fuel Pellets into a Biomass Boiler

Delivering Biomass Fuel Pellets

Delivering Biomass Fuel Pellets


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